The Art of Accessorizing

Fri, 2019-04-05

Whether it’s that special bag you bring to work everyday

or that one pair of earrings you know will match any outfit,

we’ve got exactly what you need! 


Bags look the best held when you’re trying to get the perfect OOTD shot.

Swing them for an effortless candid vibe!

We’d pair braided bags with any outfits because they can be carried for casual occasions

like picnics, brunch dates, movie nights out, and chill beach days.

Oh, did we mention that light-coloured bags will mute down any look?

Featuring: Agnes Slip On Mules


There’s always a type of earring to suit each mood.

Which mood are you feeling today?


Is date night around the corner?

Plans with your girlfriends at one of your favourite hang out spots?

These earrings put a flirty twist to whatever you’re wearing!

Featuring: Gold Resin Earrings
                   Matte Gold Earrings
                   Gold Spiral Hoops


When you want to look like you tried but you really didn’t.

For those of you who want to wear jewelry but are afraid of it overpowering your outfit,

these pairs are dainty and go with almost every colour you’re wearing.

Featuring: Curved Pearl Earrings
                   Sage Resin Earrings


Raise your hand if you’re feeling audacious!

Grab one of these earrings to show your confidence through your style.

If your life motto is to be bold, these earrings were made for you!

Featuring: Tortoise Shell Ring Earrings
                   Chunky Gold Earrings
                   Gold C-Hoops 


With these pair of slip ons, you never have to worry about

what shoe to wear because it’s suited for all occasions!

It’s slightly heeled so you don’t have to worry about sore feet while still looking put together.

Wear them out from day to night and you’ll know what we mean when we say they fit every occasion!

Featuring: Agnes Slip On Mules

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